How to Grow with the 
Digital Commerce Giants

How We Believe Amazon Business and Grainger Have Created an Opportunity for You to Grow Revenue and Profits

About The Webinar

By 2025, half of low-to-medium touch B2B sales transactions will be conducted solely via self-service commerce, electronic data interchange and intelligent bots.1 Midsize enterprise CIOs report "skills/resources" as the most common barrier to achieving their objectives and "talent" as the third most frequent impediment to scaling digital business.2 You are faced with tough challenges.

Amazon and other online giants are disrupting traditional models of business. You have likely noticed the impact to B2B channels as well.  Industry giants have large teams making continued investments in their digital experience, stealing market share mid-size organizations, like yours.

Without a plan in place, you will lose market share and profit margins to online giants and more digitally-savvy competitors.  The great news is that you can learn from, and even work with, online giants to grow your revenue.

You'll learn how to develop a strategic digital approach to

Help customers solve problems that you are uniquely equipped to address




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Original Date: March 27, 2019
Duration: 30 minutes
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229 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 300, Milwaukee, WI 53202

229 E. Wisconsin Ave, Suite 300
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Build your internal digital expertise by leveraging outside resources to get their faster
Implement technology-based solutions that enable you to meet market demands and grow your profits

About Our Speakers

Lori's background is in computer-electrical engineering.  Her first job out of college was at NASA-Johnson Space Center where she worked as a flight controller for the Space Shuttle program. Lori founded Brilliance Business Solutions, a digital commerce service provider with a niche in B2B eCommerce.  Today Lori is a regular contributor for Practical Ecommerce and has been a speaker the last 2 years at the B2B Workshop at IRCE.

Lori McDonald

Jared Hackbart

Over the last 3 year's Jared has been consulting with manufacturers and distributors, building a plan to navigate their digital future.  Prior to his work in digital commerce, Jared worked selling technology and printing solutions to B2B companies. Jared understands the challenges mid-market companies face and knows what strategies offer the best opportunity for their growth.

[1] Gartner, Predicts 2019: CRM Sales Technology Will Align With Digital Optimization Objectives, Tad Travis, Melissa Hilbert, Adnan Zijadic, Mark Lewis, Published 3 December 2018

[2] Gartner, Closing the Digital Talent Gap at Midsize Enterprises, Ansgar Schulte, Published 25 June 2018

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